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Any Given Cycling Day and Nebraska Headwinds

lifejunkie_admin July 26, 2017
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I thought maybe it would be good to catch up on the day to day of cycle touring. Tomorrow starts day 24 and it has become a regular cycle. Now to show you a typical day. This wa... read more

Solitude & Many New Surprises!

lifejunkie_admin July 24, 2017
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Catching Up: OK, I have made it to Recharge Lake recreation area just outside of York Nebraska. I just might be sitting in a Pizza Hut enjoying AC and beverages right now while ... read more

Angels Unawares

lifejunkie_admin July 23, 2017
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I am sitting in a hotel in downtown Omaha and revelling in a rest day with real honest to goodness air conditioning. The last few days have been a test of fortitude as Iowa and ... read more

Flat Is A Relative Concept!

lifejunkie_admin July 20, 2017
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Catching Up On the Trip: I am one day away from polishing off the state of Iowa. I have pressed hard through the state and I must say it has been the hardest cycling to this poi... read more

A New Normal

lifejunkie_admin July 19, 2017
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A pretty normal day as days go when you ride eight hours a day. After a while it begins to feel like a job. Today I was riding into Des Moines and the Iowa area is under a sever... read more

Being A Fit Fat Man

lifejunkie_admin July 18, 2017
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Catching Up: I am a day behind, mostly due to the fact that where I was there was no internet at all. The last couple days have been long and hot. Now the mid-west has fully hit... read more

Complacency, Catharsis & Fear

lifejunkie_admin July 15, 2017
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Hi all, I am in Muscatine Iowa for the day taking a rest day. Mundane things to do for this day. Eat, shop a little and mail some things back to myself that I didn’t need.... read more

Practicalities Pt. 2; The Day To Day

lifejunkie_admin July 14, 2017
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Tonight I am in Bishops Hill Illinois. A town of 547 people with not a heck of a lot to do. I’ll take tonight’s post and note some of the day to day items that have ... read more


lifejunkie_admin July 13, 2017
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OK yesterday was a blast. Fun day with only 55 miles (90k) on the route so I was able to chill a little and nap in the shade for the afternoon. My niece Becky came to join me fo... read more

Serendipity & Generosity

lifejunkie_admin July 11, 2017
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Rest day done and time to get back on the road today. I journeyed west and south to the town of Rensselaer Indiana where a host family (Chris and Jodi Kosary) put me up for the ... read more