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Loss (and being lost)

lifejunkie_admin July 9, 2017
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When the days are long on the road there is much time to reflect and to ponder. As many of you know the last couple years have been trying ones for Joy and I. There have been ma... read more

Enter the Unexpected

lifejunkie_admin July 7, 2017
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Well, I have read many books about bike touring. I have seen what other people have done and talked and trained and felt ready. I have found out there are numerous things they d... read more

Day One In the Books

lifejunkie_admin July 4, 2017
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Day one is in the books. 179 kilometers in the end, hot and against the wind. I think day one of any long journey is the hardest one. This is the one where you leave the familia... read more

To the Journey!

lifejunkie_admin June 23, 2017
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I have been wandering toward various journeys for many years of my life now. I have been to many countries (20 at last count), all of the lower 48 states and all 10 Canadian pro... read more