About Me

About Me

about me

William Wordsworth captured my soul as a teen with two words; ‘I wandered…’ The rest of the poem left a dent in my life but those two words became a mantra and left a scar deep in my heart. I have been so many places and seen so many things. Life and the journey that it is continues to challenge me with new places and new people.
In 2017 the year of ‘loss’ in our family I will take a journey of discovery. I am cycling from my home to Colorado. This is a dream I wrote down long ago. To get closer to the earth and feel the heartbeat of the land and people. To allow the road to shape me and show me the face of God in the everyday.
It is time to write of my journeys. I have quieted my voice in writing and poured my poetry into my sermons. Now for the words to speak for themselves.

By my reckoning I am on my um… twelfth or more career. I have painted, shucked oysters, chaplained a nursing home, worked a concrete factory and cleaned out cracked septic tanks that had been used already, roofed, built fans for wood stoves, worked three factory jobs, pastored, started two businesses, climbed many stages of the corporate ladder and restored some people’s faith in humanity.

After all of that my favourite things are simple. To ride a new gravel road and discover the world with my muscles, heart and lungs; to see the sun rise and burn itself into my soul on another new morning and hear the laughter of my family as we share a meal and beverages.

Please join me on my journey of laughter, love and discovery.